Thin. Durable. Secure.

With a thickness of only 300 μm or less, the SMARTRAC SIT Thinlam® combines slim size with mechani- cal durability, long lifetime, and high performance. It is therefore ideally suited for contactless cards in automated fare collection, access control, and contactless payment applications.

The SMARTRAC SIT Thinlam® consist of a core inlet which is sandwiched between two overlays. The product is available in both, HF and UHF. In terms of chip technology, SMARTRAC SIT draws upon its internal chip processing and module packaging capabilities.

The end product is a high-quality Thinlam® which ideally addresses card manufacturers’ need for flexible card construction options.

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Linxens and Smartrac SIT thinlam


Cost-efficiency combined with reliability

SMARTRAC SIT’s WIRE BOOSTER ANTENNA for dual-interface cards provides a reliable, robust and proven solution for the smart card market. WIRE BOOSTER ANTENNA and the module are connected to each other by inductive coupling. The absence of any mechanical interconnection between module and antenna makes it one of the most robust dual-interface solutions available on the market today. This proven technology simplifies card production and improves yield rates.

SMARTRAC SIT’s WIRE BOOSTER ANTENNA leverages the advantages of wire-embedding and inductive coupling technologies. There is a choice of ID1, ID1/2 and ID2/3 antenna designs that meet EMV requirements. The antenna designs allow card embossing without any restriction.

The thin tracks of the wire antenna only occupy small area inside the card body. This provides room for creativity in case of translucent cards however also prevents “ghost images” on the card surface when applying sophisticated graphics.

The WIRE BOOSTER ANTENNA is delivered as a PRELAM® in customized sheet formats with a standard thickness of typically 200μm ± 30μm, and is suitable for manual as well as fully automated collation. All available PRELAM substrates are suitable for hot lamination, which enables the creation of a durable, mono-material card structure. Compared to card structures involving adhesives, such a monolithic construction significantly reduces the risk of card body delamination.

Manufacturing a card with inductive coupling technology based on SMARTRAC SIT’s WIRE BOOSTER ANTENNA requires no equipment investment beyond what is needed to manufacture a conventional contact-chip card. Therefore it represents one of today’s most economical ways to produce dual-interface cards.

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Linxens and Smartrac SIT wire booster antenna

Dual Interface Inlays

Highest Durability and Lifetime

Our DUAL INTERFACE INLAYS provide card manufacturers with a durable and convenient solution for the manufacture of finished dual-interface cards. DUAL INTERFACE INLAYS are offered in standard PRELAM® and PROCOIL sheet formats.

PRELAM® stands for “pre-laminated”. This means fusing together of single layers under pressure and high temperature in special lamination process to seal the antenna into a homogeneous sheet. PRELAM® structure is ideal for marking pre-printed cards with many security features using standard card processes.

PROCOIL offers an alternative sheet solution without an additional lamination process. Based on our patented wire-embedding technology the antenna is embedded onto the sheet and available with wired or copper pads as contact points for dual interface module. It ideally suits standard card production processes with additional security features and offers different sheet colors upon request.

Size and shape of the antenna can be adapted to customized requirements as well as sheet formats and layouts for PRELAM® and PROCOIL.

Our Production for DUAL INTERFACE INLAYS compliant with MasterCard’s Card Quality Management (CQM) requirements and provide excellent electrical performance and durability. ICs, modules and pure contactless pre-laminates pass through CQM scheme in production and meet with all applicable ISO Standards.

dual interface inlays


High on robustness and convenience.

The SHIELDLAM is a composite product with integrated shielding material that demonstrates high performance. It allows the convenience of contactless data transmission in the presence of metal and other materials that normally interfere with RFID reception, such as mobile phone batteries and metallic housings.

Attachable to phones and a broad range of further everyday items, the product is suited for applica- tions such as access control, contactless payment, and automated fare collection. In addition, it can be customized and is available in various form factors. This makes it a flexible, convenient and secure solution.

The SMARTRAC SIT SHIELDLAM is made from PVC material. It is manufactured with the company’s pro- prietary patented wire-embedding technology, to fulfil the highest requirements in terms of reliability, durability and mechanical robustness.

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Linxens and Smartrac SIT shieldlam


High on Functionality and Choice

SMARTRAC’s PRELAM® provides card manufacturers with a durable and convenient solution for the manufacture of finished cards. PRELAM® stands for pre-laminated. This means fusing together single layers under pressure and high temperature in special lamination press machinery after the electronic parts have been embedded into the carrier material and assembled. 

The fusing together of the different layers of thermoplastic material into one homogeneous sheet, seals the transponder hermetically. This pre-laminated or PRELAM® structure is ideal for making pre- printed cards with many security features using standard card production processes.

The low frequency PRELAM® incorporates an air wound coil, whilst the high frequency PRELAM® is manufactured based on SMARTRAC’s patented wire embedding technology. It is a multi- layered construction and is available in materials such as PVC, PC, PET-G or Teslin®. 

Other variables like the size and the shape of the antenna can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. Customers can also select different sheet formats or other customized layouts. To facilitate card production, the SMARTRAC PRELAM® sheets come with trimmed reference edges and optional printed cross marks and registration holes. 

Benefits of the SMARTRAC PRELAM® include durability and the ability to testify excellent electrical performance. Compliant with all of the various ISO standards it is particularly suited for contactless card applications such as automated fare collection, access control, and contactless payment.



Next Generation of durable and ultra-thin ID Document Inlays

The SMART-SL product family is aimed at providing card manufacturers and security printers with a pioneering product range to meet tomorrow’s requirements for high security contactless identity documents.

Manufactured with patented wire-embedding technology on different substrates, the SMART-SL product portfolio is available in various form factors (Inlay, PRELAM®, eCover) and with additional features, such as SMART-AC (Anti Crack Prevention) or SMART-CAP (Chip Activation Prevention).

The established SMART-SL family based on standard chip modules, has been enhanced with an ultra-thin and at the same time highly durable ID document inlay. SMARTRAC SIT’s unique wafer pro- cessing (grinding, dicing and patented palladium bumping) and reliable bonding technology of bare chip dies on a copper chip link carrier (“CCL”) material, reduces the inlay thickness to 200μm.

Able to withstand critical stress including around the chip area, the homogenous flat inlay surface provides the best protection against micro cracks, particularly in brittle material such as polycarbon- ate. Furthermore, the outstanding product thinness enables easy integration of enhanced security features in ID cards or plastic data pages for e-passports, providing card manufacturers and security printers with enhanced flexibility and optimization of production processes.

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Linxens and Smartrac SIT smart sl family

ePassport Inlay

The best choice for security.

SMARTRAC SIT contributes to the world of secure travel by offering a wide range of tailor-made e- passport inlay solutions to its customers. The inlays are made from laminated polycarbonate (PC) or polyester (PET) and can be incorporated into the data page of a passport. In addition, SMARTRAC SIT offers an alternative solution for the e-passport cover with DURASOFT®, a resilient material which enhances the documents lifespan and durability (10 years).

The new SMARTRAC SIT e-cover comes with CAP (Chip Activation Protection) to ensure that personal information stored on the chip of an electronic Passport can only be read by authorized parties as it prevents the antenna from transmitting any data as long as the Passport is closed.

Both inlay solutions are based on the latest proven technology. Fast memory access and data protection take the security of SMARTRAC SIT e-passport inlays to a new level. As the worldwide leading supplier of contactless inlays, SMARTRAC SIT guarantees reliable and flexible solutions that set stan- dards and will meet customers’ most specific needs.

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Linxens and Smartrac SIT epasseport

eCover (Electronic Cover)

Highest Security for Electronic Passport

Industry-leading electronic cover, SMARTRAC SIT provides high-security RFID eCovers of outstanding quality to customers worldwide helps i mprove secure identification and increase the effectiveness of border control processes. SMARTRAC SIT &nbs p;guarantees reliable and flexible products that meet customers’ stringent demands and exceed industry sta ndards.

SMARTRAC SIT eCover products are typically manufactured applying a number of the company’s pr oprietary and patent protected technologies consisting of a wire-embedded antenna on a carrier substrate co nnected to a chip module. The laminated inlay is then smoothly incorporated into the back cover of the pass port.

One of the most famous SMARTRAC SIT patents in this respect is DURASOFT®, a resilient material t hat enhances a document’s reliability and durability significantly.

SMARTRAC SIT’s DURASOFT® has pion eered globally and been the material of choice in the e-passport industry for more than a decade. It contin ues to successfully be used in numerous worldwide e-passport projects.

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Linxens and Smartrac SIT ecover