Elevating Urban Transportation

We give urban dwellers easy access to sustainable mobility services by designing reliable & low impact solutions for seamless access to shared transportation. By designing reliable & low impact solutions for seamless access to shared transportation.

Shaping the Future of urban mobility

Whether it is public transport or shared mobility services, Linxens helps you to imagine and develop the mobility of tomorrow to offer barrier-free transport to urban dwellers. Our innovative and customisable solutions address the urgent need to deploy a fluid and efficient transportation network. Multimodal journeys allow users to move freely with choice, while data flows allow operators to continuously improve their service.

Addressing the Field's Key Issues

Mobility as a Service

Our technology provides access to an integrated and connected range of transport services that gives urban dwellers the freedom to choose and combine different modes of transport according to their needs.

Responsible cities

We accompany the evolution towards smart cities by putting our technology at the service of a more efficient and responsible mobility, responding to the challenges of decongestion and depollution of urban territories.

A reliable partnership

Our network recognises us for our technology's reliability, our supply chain's quality and resilience and our customisation potential.

Quality of life

Our solutions encourage people to choose responsible, active and shared modes of transport, for cleaner, more sustainable, quieter and more connected cities.

Multimodal Passes

These passes simplify access to various transportation modes, such as buses, trains, and bikes, with a single card, enhancing the user experience and encouraging the use of public transit.

Smart City Integration

Leveraging technology to integrate transportation passes with smart city infrastructures improves urban mobility, reduces congestion, and enhances the efficiency of public transport services.

Recycled Material Passes

Passes made from sustainable materials support environmental goals, appealing to eco-conscious commuters and reducing waste in urban transit systems.


Card Manufacturer

Linxens' PRELAM® offers a secure, efficient solution for contactless card production, enhancing data protection for critical mobility applications and meeting the demands of modern transportation systems.

Public Road Network

Linxens' advanced pre-printed cards are an ideal choice for automated fare collection and contactless payments. Our innovation ensures seamless, secure transactions, simplifying access to public transportation and other mobility services.

Our partners

We extend our technology and business capabilities through a dynamic partnership with market leaders and innovators.Together, we provide our clients the best connectivity and sensing solutions, opening the way to a better life.

Dive into what lies ahead with Linxens experts

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The slim and sleak card for the car market

Used in our daily lives - whether in hotels, offices or public transportation - the access card is an alternative to the traditional key and allows secure access to a specific location. Now, this technology is being extended...

Céline Littré
Céline Littré
Smartcard Marketing Manager

The inevitable shift of payment methods: the challenge of credit cards

In a world in search of sustainable solutions, the banking sector, a cornerstone of our modern life, cannot ignore the significant environmental impact of its activities. The credit card must address this challenge on two fro...

Antoine Laronze-Groine
Antoine Laronze-Groine
Phygital Payment Directeur

Improving patient identification: a challenge, multiple benefits

The numbers are impressive: According to a study published in the Journal of Patient Safety, more than one in 100 patients are misidentified during hospital admissions, with higher rates among elderly, demented, or minority p...

Alix Joseph
Alix Joseph
Healthcare Global Sales & Marketing Director

How RFID Labels Revolutionize the Medical Device Industry

The intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the pharmaceutical industry has opened up new possibilities for enhanced inventory management and authentication. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels have emerged...

Alix Joseph
Alix Joseph
Healthcare Global Sales & Marketing Director

The bankcard, a constantly evolving everyday object

Bankcards remain France's favourite means of payment and a key market for Linxens, which produces and assembles more than 2 million micro-connectors and antennae for bankcards in its factories every year.

Franck Germain
Franck Germain
VP Smartcard

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