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We're empowering guests' journey by designing best-in class & sustainable access & security solutions that enhance experience in travel & leisure environment.

Enhancing everyone's Journeys

Whether it’s an amusement park, a hotel complex, or an exhibition centre, Linxens RFID technologies allow you to focus on controlling access and simplifying processes - and also on what is valuable to your customers: the best service. We can equip the boldest sites with an LED card, and the most committed with a wood card. Together, we can also develop a highly customisable service thanks to the potential of data, capable of offering tailor-made services by studying visitor behaviour and ensuring the journey fluidity by reducing waiting times.

Répondre aux besoins fondamentaux pour l'hôtellerie et les loisirs


We offer your customers easy, fast and secure access to innovative services so they can just enjoy the moment.


We capitalize on our expertise to offer innovative features for an ever simpler, more secure, and more enjoyable access experience.

Operational Efficiency

By sharpening your internal processes, our solutions enable you to increase the added value of tasks and optimize your employees' workload.


We encourage market players to turn to more responsible solutions by offering them an ever wider range of products made from recycled materials.

Enhanced Security

Implementing advanced security features in access systems ensures guest safety and privacy, building trust and satisfaction

Personalized Guest Experiences

Utilizing smart technology to customize guest services based on individual preferences streamlines operations and elevates the guest experience, from check-in to check-out.

Responsible Access Cards

Introducing cards made from recycled materials.


Leading Hotel Brand

Drawing on innovative technologies, our wooden card guarantees secure access, while enhancing the customer experience with a card made from a noble, lightweight and robust material to highlight the hotel group's responsible commitment.

Leisure Facility

Linxens offers components that are more virtuous for the environment, but which are based on the same cutting-edge technologies as conventional cards, enabling leisure establishments to demonstrate a proven commitment to responsibility.

Our partners

We extend our technology and business capabilities through a dynamic partnership with market leaders and innovators.Together, we provide our clients the best connectivity and sensing solutions, opening the way to a better life.

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