At Linxens the high level of expertise across all functions is the essence of our ability to serve our customers ever better.

Discover how our employees contribute to collective performance:



In our autonomous production facilities, you will make products that meet our customers’ specifications. In compliance with quality, environmental, and safety standards, you will constantly be striving to improve. Operator, team leader, supervisor, maintenance or lab technician, or quality coordinator: our people hold a range of qualifications from GCSE’s to Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering, chemistry or engineering.

Process Engineering

When you join our engineering teams, you will be working on projects to design and improve products, streamline processes, transfer new technologies... You will spearhead our industrial performance. With a university qualification (from ordinary degrees to Master’s) in chemistry, electroplating, mechanical engineering, automation systems or optics, you will quickly find yourself at the helm of very real projects, locally or internationally.


Working at the core of innovation at Linxens, you will design the products and applications of the future, meeting the needs of the market in line with technical constraints. You will work in multidisciplinary groups, and always have one eye on the latest technological advances. As a chemical, electroplating, or RFID technician or engineer (ordinary degree to PhD level), you will be responsible for managing program and projects, locally or around the world.

Support functions

Finance, HR & Communications, IT, Purchasing, and Supply Chain: whatever your specialisation, you provide dedicated support to your internal customers, forming an essential link between the Group’s effectiveness and its production facilities. With qualifications ranging from ordinary degrees up to Master’s degrees, you will make a direct contribution to the company’s targets and development.

Sales & Marketing

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Working with our production and R&D teams, you will manage customer relations from the initial meeting to following up on contracts, helping customers to pinpoint their needs, negotiating prices, and selling... all over the world. You will identify future needs, prospect new contracts, and analyse the competition. You will work to promote Linxens solutions. You hold a Master’s degree in business or engineering.


Linxens manufactures quality products in line with customer specifications, our own procedures, and market standards. When you join the quality team, you will be the “customer’s voice” within the company, ensuring that we produce “faultless” products that are constantly being improved. You are qualified in mechanical engineering, electrochemicals, chemistry, or engineering (from vocational qualifications up to Master’s degrees), and specialise in or have worked in quality.

Student's corner


Linxens has been awarded by the Singapore Institute of Technical Education (ITE) as Certified On-The-Job Training Centre (COJTC) in July 2014. The COJTC status will help Linxens institutionalize structured OJT system and to improve the quality of OJT practices, with the aim of developing a quality workforce and sharpen company’s competitiveness.