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Linxens and Smartrac Sit join forces

Wired antennas

We design and manufacture a wide range of RFID inlays and antennas, used in dual interface banking cards, ePassports, eID cards, access and transport cards.

We have highly experienced teams, and we use a tailor-made approach. The result is flexibility and openness to the needs and desires of our customers. All our antenna and inlay solutions have the following advantages:

Flexibility and reactivity for time-sensitive projects and tenders

Process stability and product reliability, considerably limiting chip waste

Scalability to support fluctuating market demands

Our expert teams can provide technical support for integrating inlays and tags into customers’ manufacturing processes, including product co-design and knowledge transfer in specific cases.

Dual interface inlays

There is compatibility between our products and all types of technology (conductive bumps, ACF, soldering, tin pad or inductive coupling).

Whatever technology you use, we have a solution to make your dual interface connection easy and reliable! Our inlays provide the largest connection surface between module and antenna, resulting in high performance and durability.

e-Passport and e-ID inlays

We are a trusted partner for the supply of ePassport datapages, eCovers and polycarbonate inlays, with a clear position in the supply chain.

Our inlays are based on copper wire antennas, a proven technology that ensures the best mechanical performance for passport durability and reliability.

We promote a range of tailor-made solutions for covers, datapages and cards.

Made from PC or Teslin, our ultra-thin inlays allow you to add more embedded features into the body of the card, such as additional security layers.

Contactless inlays

Our standard contactless inlays are certified, satisfying the most stringent mechanical and electrical requirements.

We propose high quality products at competitive prices, with a wide range of materials (PVC, PET-G, PC), thicknesses, structures.

Our innovative products include new form factors such as stickers, tokens and wearables.

Etched antennas

We design and manufacture miniaturized etched RFID antennas with high quality requirements, supporting all RFID standards:

  • NFC-ISO 18092
  • ISO 14443
  • ISO 15693


Our considerable manufacturing capacity is backed up by world class RF expertise. We have invested in state-of-the-art RF laboratory equipment to optimize the performance of your antennas.