We offer a wide range of specialty IC substrates, thin PCBs and connectors for industrial and consumer applications.
Our continuous reel-to-reel process ensures the highest quality and consistency, while minimizing total cost of ownership and optimizing production yield.



Linxens connectors can be converted into point-of-care medical sensors.
Add chemical reagents to our single-sided connectors to create micro-bioreactors! A unique product design and manufacturing process at the customer’s premises replaces complex sensor manufacturing processes, resulting in optimized ownership costs.





We have been active in the quartz watch industry for more than 10 years, applying our reel-to-reel know-how for consistent quality and optimized product functionality. This leads to very high yields from rapid prototyping to mass production.



Inkjet cartridges


Major printer manufacturers use smart chips on cartridges for more accurate diagnosis and prevention against counterfeited ink cartridges: a smart cartridge communicates its parameters to the printer via a contact module, so the printer can verify authentication and cartridge performances.

Linxens provides connectors that are optimized for that purpose, fitting the design and performance requirements of the printer manufacturers.





We design and manufacture small copper-etched antennas suitable for applications ranging from luxury consumer product authentication to asset tracking in harsh environments...