Linxens and Smartrac SIT join forces to become the global leader  in  both contact and contactless solutions.
On one hand, we have the leader on the design and manufacturing of micro-connectors for smart cards. And on the other hand, we have the expert / leader in the development and manufacturing of RFID inlays and antennas. 
By combining our skills, we will offer the widest range of high added value products and services.
By bringing together our expertise, we will work on improving existing technologies and developing new ones to become the go to supplier on the market.
By fostering our experience, we will strengthen our position on our key markets: 
Banking, Telecom access, Transport and Government industries
By creating synergies between teams, we will make a better international team of more than 3,500 collaborators, relying on the support of our 9 production sites and 4 R&D centers.
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