We are a trusted partner in e-Government document manufacturing, with experience in more than 100 eID projects worldwide.

We help governments, national printers, secure card makers, integrators to roll-out secure identity documents by providing them with high quality inlays for ePassports and eID cards.
Electronic identity document manufacturers are facing challenges in terms of document security and durability.  Our products have been specifically developed for the needs of the secure printing industry:

Inlays, eCovers and datapages for passports

Inlays for eID cards

    We comply with the requirements of flexible and durable ultra-thin inlays.

    This provides you with the versatility you need to include additional security layers and offer your customers the highest reliability for the identity document’s lifetime.




    The dLoc document authentication solution allows any vital records issuing agency to turn their offline documents into digital instances that can be easily connected to existing digital systems.

    To achieve this, the dLoc solution uses three key components: SMARTRAC’s NFC dLoc seals which easily attach to existing documents, the client customizable dLoc mobile app,  and a cloud based engine running alongside either a public  or private blockchain. dLoc can be easily integrated into any existing certificate  or document so the original does not need to be altered  in any way. The impact on well-rehearsed processes  is negligible, allowing for seamless integration of dLoc  into incumbent systems and existing databases.

    The security of dLoc is its core functionality, and includes chip inventory management (digital track and trace system); digital signatures, user authentication and issuance control systems. SMARTRAC provides full control of the issuance  and verification systems and can detect any unauthorized chips by verifying the authenticity the chips and their data.