For SIM applications:

We have developed tailored solutions for each SIM format (2FF/3FF/4FF) with various plating grades, depending on the end-market and lifetime of the SIM cards.

NXT-L: the most reliable solution, ensuring extended lifetime, tailored for high-end SIM

EcoSIM: the reference for all SIM solutions worldwide for both post-paid & pre-paid. EcoSIM is the best compromise between product performance, visual appearance & product optimization

UltraSIM: launched mid-2014, it is a highly optimized solution for SIM, with gold nanoprotection designed to maintain satisfactory corrosion resistance.

For banking applications:

Linxens offers a wide range of visual appearances, as well as specific customization features (logos, colored substrate).

NXT-L: the market reference for banking applications

NXT-H: the solution for high-end markets with enhanced corrosion requirements

Palladium: silver appearance for higher differentiation with optimal product performance

Reliability: our philosophy is to always provide products with an extended lifetime that exceeds mechanical and ageing standards for banking products, such as CQM or GIE CB.

Expertise: with our R&D and field application engineers, we use our global expertise to build the next generation of banking solutions, catering to the needs of the parties involved and creating added value.



Applications for Contact microconnectors