We want you and our talent to grow together


As a pioneer and a leader, Linxens has to tailor its expertise to suit a changing world.

Our active Talent Management policy is an opportunity for everyone to make known their enthusiasm and drive to succeed, all the while guaranteeing a high level of skills across the full range of sectors and roles.

Linxens has put an active training policy into place in all of its sites to help its staff reach their potential. Linxens focuses on cross-disciplinary themes like leadership and management to deliver its corporate projects.


Within each of our departments, formal career paths provide our staff with a very clear vision of what the company expects from them, as well as pointing out any stepping stones between posts.

Our employees learn from each other by working on cross-disciplinary projects: program offices (around 10 every year) break down walls between roles and provide an opportunity to think about company strategy together.

The company provides guidance to its people as they develop their Leadership skills through special training courses, and actively creates communities based on shared interests.