The slim and sleak card for the car market

Used in our daily lives - whether in hotels, offices or public transportation - the access card is an alternative to the traditional key and allows secure access to a specific location. Now, this technology is being extended to the automotive market. By simply touching the card on the vehicle's reader, the system will open and start the vehicle; a simplicity of use that suggests that it could become more widespread.

Céline Littré

Céline Littré

Smartcard Marketing Manager

The access card market is great and allows us to let our imagination run wild.

What are the trends in the automotive access card market?

Already implemented by car manufacturers and offered to their customers for certain models, the automotive access card has the advantage of being offered in a sector in perpetual search of innovations. Based on contactless technology, it aspires to become an essential tool. Virtual access keys loaded on the smartphone are used in the automotive sector and represent a technology that could become widespread. However, this means of communication has its limits: as a very personal object, the smartphone can be lost or broken, not to mention motorists who do not have one or may be reluctant to use it excessively. To answer these problems, nothing better than a key card.

How can Linxens make its technologies available to this sector?

In order to make the use of the automotive access card more pleasant, Linxens has put all its knowledge to enable the development of a thinner and lighter digital key, in the format of a bank card, while ensuring a very high environmental resistance. As a specialist in the manufacture of micro-connectors and RFID antennas, Linxens is working on a design that facilitates the connection between the card's chip and the vehicle's readers, thus guaranteeing the reliability and security of this solution. Linxens ensures that each key card is unique and specific to the vehicle.

How can the key card revolutionize the automotive market?

Digital and connected objects have already revolutionized everyday life, with a lot of potential for development. In the automotive market, the smartphone is a tool of the future. However, having a backup option in case of unforeseen events is a necessity.  The key card is a solution to these problems because it is an object that can be easily shared and used by everyone. The RFID system of the digital card is another advantage: the vehicle's communication reader will detect the card at a distance. Finally, the innovative design of the Linxens digital card allows it to be stored anywhere, in a pocket or a wallet, offering a better user experience.