Interfacing everything that matters.

Crafting connections with unparalleled precision, Linxens offers innovative microconnector solutions tailored to the heart of modern digital applications.

Linxens designs and manufactures flexible microconnectors for telecom, payments, smart access, mobility and other applications in various form factors. Linxens is able to produce microconnectors with surface finishes of gold, palladium, platinum, silver, etc... and also with etched or micro-etched surface structures for high customisation requirements.

Microconnectors : Our expertise centers

Mantes-la-Jolie - France

Changi - Singapore

Tianjin - China

  • Active since: 2019
  • People working: 260
  • Certifications:
    ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 - ISO 45001: 2018 - Card quality Management - EAL6
  • Products:
    Modules - Inlays (RFID, Wearable)
  • Capacity per year: 144 Million inlays - 1,3 Billion module

Product Spotlight

Micro NXT-DS Pd Gen3

Linxens NXT-DS Pd Gen3 is a combination of dual NXT products with Palladium feature for higher differentiation.


Linxens NXT-DSA is the industry reference for dual solutions. The versatility of NXT-DSA enables convenience for various applications that require environmental exposures or long life-span need.


With Linxens NXT-DSB’s thicker plating configuration, it provides further environmental resistance and data security in dual interface solutions. The thickness of NXT-DSB provides the best solution for products with long life requirements.

Micro NXT-H

With high plating grade configuration, Linxens NXT-H is one of the top corrosion-resistant solutions, it ensures high-level of data security. This feature is perfectly suitable for payment, electronic ID and connected devices solutions.

Micro NXT-L

Linxens NXT-L is the flagship product for contact gold applications. Linxens is the reference for the smart card industry worldwide. Its success is based on highly reliable features ensuring data security, and high environmental resistance.

Micro NXT-SH

With its premium plating grade, Linxens NXT-SH is the perfect solution for harsh environments, including market sectors that require reliability as a crucial product feature. 

Micro Optibank

Linxens OptiBANK is the new contact solution for the banking sector. OptiBANK is based on NXT performance with light gold optimization and an alternative epoxy glass, processed through our new gold bath.

Micro OptiSIM

Tailored for low-end SIM requirements, Linxens OptiSIM is based on UltraSIM plating configuration, also equipped with an additional cavity and alternative epoxy glass substrate. OptiSIM is our most optimized product for the telecom market.

Micro Palladium Gen3

Linxens Palladium Gen3 is the industry reference for Palladium plating with Gold flash configuration beneath the Palladium layer for improved product cost-efficiency. Palladium Gen3 maintains the highest yield for wire bonding and optimal corrosion performance.

Micro Flexible Connected objects

Thanks to the company’s flexible printed circuit manufacturing and reliable electronic component assembly, Linxens proposes innovative solutions, such as clothing with integrated body sensors which track vital signs or a dressing that can monitor a wound’s healing process

Micro BioTAPE

Linxens provides inlays and an interconnection  technology that enable the easy integration of electronic components such as biometric sensors into ISO cards, allowing  card manufacturers to leverage existing card manufacturing infrastructure and minimizing the need for investment in new machines

Micro EcoBrand

Linxens has developed the EcoBrand range of products to guarantee product authenticity. Thanks to its minimal size, the innovative connector can be inserted into the smallest possible space, allowing connection of the secure chip to determine the authenticity of the product.

Micro Ecosim

Designed for high-end SIM cards, the optimized plating of Linxens EcoSIM ensures high level of reliability and product performance. This solution offers an ideal compromise between performance, aesthetics and product optimization.

Micro Etched Logos

With Linxens etching technology, add your logo on the center of the  module and develop a unique and high-quality brand. This technology is available for all contact surfaces which can be fully covered with the surface finishing and plating grade of your choice

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