Secure Identity Solutions.

We allow individuals to enjoy what their identification can offer by protecting ID documents with secure, reliable and responsible assets.

Securing Identity, Empowering Citizenship

Linxens solutions help you design the physical identity of tomorrow. We are known for the reliability of our components and the responsiveness of our production. Together, we can co-develop solutions adapted to your citizens’ changing needs.

Addressing the Field's Key Issues

Hybrid Solutions

We design future-proof solutions that protect and secure interactions in a connected and hybrid world where physical and virtual identities have converged and become one.

Reliability & Security

We are a trusted and responsive technology partner that can be relied upon to provide optimal security, and our technology is subject to exemplary quality control and traceability to ensure the security of ID documents.

Empowering Citizens

We enable each citizen to prove his or her identity and to assert his or her right to move freely and ensure full, safe and easy access to the public services.

Responsibility in ID Production

We are increasing our innovation efforts to focus on low-carbon materials that can produce documents that combine durability and responsibility.

Comprehensive ID Projects

Over 100 global ID projects showcase our commitment to security, customization, and innovation in civic identification.

Digital Identity Integration

Facilitating secure online interactions and access to public services through digital ID solutions.

Advanced Material Use

Implementing polycarbonate instead of plastic in ID documents for enhanced durability and sustainability.


Public Institution

Linxens aids a major public institution in securing ID documents by embedding a secure datapage during manufacturing, offering citizens a multi-layered, reliable protection for their identity.

Road Administration

Linxens enhanced the security of driver's licenses for a leading governmental authority by incorporating an advanced secure datapage. With this technology the driving license has robust, multi-tiered protection.

Our partners

We extend our technology and business capabilities through a dynamic partnership with market leaders and innovators.Together, we provide our clients the best connectivity and sensing solutions, opening the way to a better life.

Dive into what lies ahead with Linxens experts

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Digital identity: balancing caution and innovation

Since the creation of the civil status in France, the establishment, management and securing of thcitizen's identity is a regalian prerogative. It is in this perspective that the French State has initiated for several years t...

Vincent Gourmelen
Vincent Gourmelen
Government Global Sales & Marketing Director

The inevitable shift of payment methods: the challenge of credit cards

In a world in search of sustainable solutions, the banking sector, a cornerstone of our modern life, cannot ignore the significant environmental impact of its activities. The credit card must address this challenge on two fro...

Antoine Laronze-Groine
Antoine Laronze-Groine
Phygital Payment Directeur

Improving patient identification: a challenge, multiple benefits

The numbers are impressive: According to a study published in the Journal of Patient Safety, more than one in 100 patients are misidentified during hospital admissions, with higher rates among elderly, demented, or minority p...

Alix Joseph
Alix Joseph
Healthcare Global Sales & Marketing Director

How RFID Labels Revolutionize the Medical Device Industry

The intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the pharmaceutical industry has opened up new possibilities for enhanced inventory management and authentication. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels have emerged...

Alix Joseph
Alix Joseph
Healthcare Global Sales & Marketing Director

The bankcard, a constantly evolving everyday object

Bankcards remain France's favourite means of payment and a key market for Linxens, which produces and assembles more than 2 million micro-connectors and antennae for bankcards in its factories every year.

Franck Germain
Franck Germain
VP Smartcard

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