Privacy Policy


The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you of the way in which we, the Linxens Group, use and process your personal data that we collect and in particular via the website (hereafter the “Website”).

Respecting your privacy and your personal data is a high priority for us and we commit to process your personal data in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation n°2016/679 of April 27th, 2016 (hereafter “GDPR”) and applicable laws and regulations, in all the countries where we are present, with regard to the processing of personal data (hereafter the "Regulations").

In any case we undertake that:

  • You keep control on your personal data;
  • Your personal data is processed in a transparent, confidential and secured manner.


Your personal data’s controller is the Linxens Holding company (Identification: 534539986), having its registered office located 37, Rue Des Closeaux, 78200 Mantes-La-Jolie, France.

Definition: The data controller is the person who determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data. Where two or more controllers jointly determine the purposes and means of processing, they shall be joint controllers. The data processor means the person who processes personal data on behalf of a data controller, acting under its authority and following its instructions.

Linxens Holding is a SAS Company with a share capital of 283 267 190 euros, listed in the trade register of [Versailles] under number 534539986, having its registered office located 37, Rue Des Closeaux, 78200 Mantes-La-Jolie, France.

Linxens Holding is represented by Cuong H.Duong, its CEO, domiciled 37, Rue Des Closeaux, 78200 Mantes-La-Jolie, France.

If you have any question regarding our management of your personal data, please contact us:

  • By email, at
  • By mail, to Linxens Group DPO at 122, Rue Edouard Vaillant, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France


All and any of your data is collected directly from you, during registrations, connections, ordering products or interaction with us (online, by visits, by mail, by phone…)

Furthermore, data related to your browsing on the Website can be used to target your needs and interests and provide better business proposals accordingly.

In any case, we inform you of the purpose of the processing for which your data is collected by us via our collection forms, your account or via cookies.

Where necessary, we undertake to collect your consent and / or to allow you to oppose the use of your data for certain purposes. For example, you can refuse the possibility to send you commercial prospection emails or to store cookies on your device (phone, computer, tablet) in order to evaluate Website traffic or suggest commercial offers or targeted ads related to your interests.


  • Managing our relationship with you as well as the care of customer, prospects and suppliers.

    • Legal basis:

      • Our legitimate interest in ensuring the best commercial relationship with you and in ensuring the quality of our services and products;
      • Your consent when required by applicable law, especially for sales prospecting and cookies.

      The management customer relationship with you covers :

      • Manage and monitor of contracts, invoices and orders;
      • Answer your requests and questions;
      • Conduct satisfaction surveys
      • Manage the exercising of your rights of access, rectification, erasure, or portability of your data, or opposition or limitation to the processing of your data or to define what to do with your data;
      • Manage your reviewing of our services.
  • Sending you our newsletter

    • Legal basis:

      • Our legitimate interest in sending you information on our latest news;
      • Your consent given when you filled your e-mail address and specifically signed up to our newsletter.
      • Setting up your account and processing your application
  • Setting up your account and processing your application

    • Legal basis:

      • Taking steps at your request prior to entering into a contract.
  • Ensuring the effective functioning and the continuous improvement of the Website and its features

    • You can find further details on the management of the cookies used in order to fulfil this purpose in our Cookies Policy.

      Legal basis:

      • Our legitimate interest in ensuring a high level of operation and quality of our Website, thanks in part to its visit statistics;
      • Your consent, when requested.


The mandatory or optional nature of the personal data requested and the possible consequences of your failure to provide said data are outlined during collection. You can consult the list of the personal data we may process on you hereafter.

  • Managing and monitoring your contracts, orders, deliveries and invoices

    • Data relating to your identity: name, surname, fixed and mobile phone, e-mail, company name and country;
    • A copy of an identity document may be stored in the event of the exercise of an access, rectification or opposition right or to comply with a legal obligation;
    • Data relating to the follow up of the commercial relation: request of documents, communications and comments, person(s) in charge of prospect relations;
    • Data necessary to implement loyalty plans, prospecting, studies, pools, product testing and promotion;
    • Data relating to your navigation on our Website via cookies.
  • Sending you our newsletter

    • E-mail address
  • Setting up your account and processing your application

    • Data relating to your identity: name, surname, e-mail addresses
    • Data relating to your professional experience: resume
  • Ensuring the effective functioning and the continuous improvement of the Website and its features

    • Data relating to your navigation on our Website via cookies.


All and any of your data is collected directly from you, during registration, connection, ordering products or interaction with us (online, by visits, by mail, by phone…).

When opening or managing your account with us, you fill several forms and provide different personal data in order to benefit from all of the Linxens Group’s services. By spontaneously communicating your personal data, you expressly agree to their collection and processing by the Linxens Group for the stated purposes. As a user, you agree to the collection of your connection data related to this Website in order to make your navigation easier.

When the Regulations make it necessary the Linxens Group commits, as the case might be, to collect your consent and/or to allow you to opt out of the processing of your data for particular purposes. The Linxens Group may send commercial offers to consenting users. If said users want these e-mail offers to stop, they can do so without justification by sending a free e-mail to:


Within the limits of their respective attributions and for the purposes mentioned in article 4, the key persons susceptible to access your data are:

  • Our authorized staff: authorized staff of our marketing, sales, administrative, logistics and IT departments, in charge of customer relation, prospection and audit;
  • The Linxens Group subsidiaries;
  • Our processors’ authorized staff;
  • If requested, to competent courts, mediators, chartered accountants, auditors, attorneys, bailiffs, debt collecting companies;
  • Third parties susceptible to store cookies on your devices (computer, tablets, mobile phones…) when you consent to it (For further details, please refer to our Cookies Policy);


In some cases, your personal data might be transferred outside the European Union. In this case, we inform you that we have taken appropriate steps in order to ensure your data safety, through the contractual commitment of the involved parties materializes effected by standard contractual provisions adopted or approved by the EU Commission.

As part of the exercise of your rights, described in Article 9 hereunder, if your data has been transferred, you can ask for a copy of said contractual provisions as well as precisions on the country your data has been transferred to.


We only store your data for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes described in Article 4, and synthetized in the following chart:

  • For commercial prospection

    3 years from the end of our commercial relation or from the time of your last contact if you are not a customer or supplier.

    This data is then archived 5 years for evidence purposes, pursuant to applicable legislation (French Insurance, Mutual Societies, Commercial, Civil, Social Security and Consumer Codes).

  • Managing your identity documents when exercising your rights

    1 year if you exercise your right of access or rectification

    3 years if you exercise your right to object.

  • Statistics and audience measurement

    13 months. Beyond that, your data is erased or anonymized

  • Sending you our newsletter

    3 years from your last contact with us, being understood as an active step taken by you.

  • Setting up your account and processing your application

    2 years from your account’s set up / application

  • Ensuring the effective functioning and continuous improvement of the Website and its features

    13 months. Beyond that, raw visitation data linked to an identifier is either erased or anonymized.


In accordance with the GDPR, you have the following rights:

  • Right of access (Article 15 GDPR), to rectification (Article 16 GDPR), to update, to complete your data (Find out more about your rights);
  • Right to restriction or erasure of your personal data (Article 17 GDPR), when it is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, expired or when collection, use, communication or storage is forbidden;
  • Right to withdraw your consent at any time (Article 13-2c GDPR);
  • Right to restriction of processing (Article 18 GDPR);
  • Right to object processing your data (Article 21 GDPR);
  • Right to data portability, when your data is subject to processing by automated means based on your consent or the performance of a contract (Article 20 GDPR);
  • To know the location of your data’s recipient when it has been transferred outside the EU and to obtain copy of the standard contractual provision governing said transfer.
  • In the event of death, and without instruction given by you, we commit to erase your data, except if its storage is made necessary for evidence purposes or upon legal obligation.

You can exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to:, or by mail to: Linxens Group DPO at 6, Rue Marius Aufan, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France; attaching a copy of an identity document.

Lastly, you can lodge a complaint before competent authorities and in particular with the CNIL in France (


We use login data (date, time, IP and MAC address, browsed webpage(s)) and cookies (small files stored on your device) that identify you, memorize your browsing (in particular browsed webpages), to assess our Website’s traffic and send you commercial offers and targeted ads pursuant to your browsing pattern, your needs and your interests.

You can consent to, refuse or choose the kind of cookies you accept to be stored on your devices by visiting our Cookies Policy.

By browsing through our website, you do not oppose the storage of “technical” cookies which sole purpose is to allow or facilitate electronic communication between your device and our website, by facilitating management and navigation on said website.

Our access to data stored on your device or the storing of data on it shall only take place in the following situations:

  • Allowing or facilitating electronic communication;
  • When necessary for the supply of an online telecommunication service upon your express request.

Third parties and us also use cookies requiring your consent:

  • Google Analytics cookies in order to assess visits, number of webpages browsed, your activity on our website and your return frequency;
  • Potentially other third-party cookies in order to measure website traffic, gathering opinions or ratings or for advertising purposes.

Lastly, by clicking on social networks icons, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube on our Website and if you agreed to the storage of cookies by carrying your browsing on our Website. LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube may also store cookies on your devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

This type of cookies is stored on your devices only with your consent, by carrying on browsing on our Website. You can withdraw your consent at any time by following the procedure laid down in our Cookies Policy.

To find out more, how these different cookies are managed and to authorize or oppose their deposit, you must go to our Cookies Policy.


You may click on the social networks icons LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube listed on our Website.

Social networks do improve the Website’s friendliness and help its promotion through sharing features.

When you use these icons, we can access personal information you may have shared as public and made accessible through your LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube profiles. However, we do not create nor use any database out of LinkedIn’s, Twitter’s and YouTube’s regarding information you can make public and we do not process any data relating to your privacy in this way.

If you do not want us to access your personal data posted on your public social profiles or accounts, you shall use the tools at your disposal on these social networks to restrict access to your data.


We implement all appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the processing of your personal data.

As such, we take all the necessary measures, considering the nature of your data and the potential risks of our processing, to preserve the security of your data and, in particular, to prevent it from being distorted, damaged, or that unauthorized third parties have access to it (physical protection of premises, identified staff authentication procedures with personal and secure access via confidential login and passwords, secure https protocol, logging and traceability of connections, encryption of data, ...).