The right people are at the heart of Linxens mission. Could this be the place where you connect to success? 

Let’s grow together

Linxens empowers its staff to keep pace with a changing world. We help grow your talent and feed your drive to succeed.

Our HR Philosophy

A Committed Employer

At Linxens, employees are at the heart of the group’s strategic objectives. Linxens teams are made of highly-skilled professionals who wish to surpass themselves in a results-oriented culture dedicated to their clients.

Our people are fully committed to contribute to their team’s performance and the Group’s growth. In this demanding and friendly work environment, they develop both personally and professionally.


Opportunities without borders

International Environment

As a company that is both local and international, people-focused but with a global perspective, Linxens offers mobility opportunities to all. And if you don’t want to move, the world will come to you: within our multicultural teams, in contact with customers from around the world, you can’t help but broaden your horizons.

Dynamic Markets

By choosing a career with Linxens, you are choosing to work with a fast growing company. With us, you will overcome the challenges set by a world in which several billion people are connected by technology. The next chapter in Linxens’ story is still being written, because the company is expanding into new sectors. What if it was about you?

Technological Edge

Working alongside experts in industry, chemicals, mechanical engineering, electroplating, and engineering, you will develop new skills and be surrounded by cutting edge technology. At Linxens, these areas of expertise are the linchpin of our success, and drive us to emulate each other’s successes in an atmosphere that is as friendly as it is truly fulfilling.

Safety and Environmental Concern

Our employees’ safety as well as respecting environmental regulations are top priorities for us.

Growing together

As a company that is both local and international, people-focused but with a global perspective. Linxens offers mobility opportunities to all.